5 Must-Have features for your sustainability software

5 Must-Have features for your sustainability software

What is the right feature set for your Sustainability Software?

Calculating your CO2 footprint has never been that easy: online calculators help you with the math, online forms help you record all the information, and automated reports help you communicate. Today, sustainability software solutions are available and making a difference. Sustainability software solutions go far beyond simple carbon footprint calculations. But which one to choose from?

To best support your CSR program, software solutions must feature 5 key characteristics:

1. User-friendliness

If you don’t get the hint within the first 20 min, the software is probably way too complicated for your company. You would have to spend a considerable amount of time training your teams. Look for clean, simple and intuitive software design that boost adoption quickly. Access over laptops, tablets and mobile phones is a must-have too.


2. Single-Source

Sustainability matters could get complicated. However, most firms deal with a reasonable of dimensions such as carbon footprint calculations, paper usage and philanthropy. Logically, to be efficient a single solution should be able to address all your key matters. That solution should still let you define your custom KPIs (as you may deal with unique sustainability objectives).

As a benefit, a single-source solution removes all the complexity that comes with having to integrate and manage multiple sources.


3. Automation

Above all, the cool thing with software is that it can simplify your daily tasks through automation. Because software is here to help, sustainability solutions should minimally offer functions to:

  • Add-up your carbon emissions and carbon  offsets,
  • Manage donations and volunteer work
  • Compute paper recycling ratios
  • Track water usage
  • Enter you own KPIs

It should also give you an automated CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) report to share. In conclusion, the software must smartly remove the hard tasks you would normally do manually.


4. Cost-Optimized

Working with a triple bottom line strategy does not necessarily mean that you are ready to lower profit. A triple bottom line management also means optimizing costs. Hence, your software selection must include the analysis of its economics. Because cash-flow matters, solutions that offer predictable, flat-fees are much better. Also, evergreen solutions (meaning updated regularly) are important. Your solution cannot not become obsolete with time.


5. Green solutions

Also a consideration is the impact the software you are purchasing has upon the environment. Green servers and efficiency are one of the top features to look out for. Indeed, the software provider is in a sense part of your supply-chain: You want to ensure their carbon footprint is neutral too.



As a conclusion, choosing software is not easy. But using the above criteria should help. Therefore we’d love it if you tried Carbon-And-More first.



Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

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