5 reasons for SMBs to implement a sustainability software solution

5 reasons for SMBs to implement a sustainability software solution

Sustainability Software Solution for SMBs

There is no question that sustainability management has officially entered the business world in the past few years. The numerous benefits are now well known.

Certainly, public awareness of climate change, pollution and many other social and environmental matters have helped made businesses align to public demand, or even drive it for the most modern organizations.
Small and medium businesses have slowly but steadily started to take the leap by implementing sustainability along with their digital transformation.
Those 2 forces (sustainability and digitization) naturally marry and invite SMBs to leverage online sustainability solutions to better their triple bottom lines.
Motivated by transparency, compliance or simply success, SMBs are choosing to use technology, here are 5 key reasons why:

1. It is Simpler

Sustainability matters could get complicated quickly, though for most SMBs it comes down to recording and reporting. Recording and reporting is obviously much simpler when supported by software. Nobody today would really attempt to keep their books manually when software makes it so much simpler. Financial accounting and carbon accounting really abide by the same principles, hence why SMBs choose the simplest path forward. The use of software.


2. It is Cheaper

There is obviously a strong correlation between simplicity and cost. Choosing to manually record and report not only adds complexity but also costs. Manual tasks typically take longer, may require rework when mistakes are made. For example, writing a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) report “manually” would take many hours more than ones that are generated automatically. Automation is cheap.


3. It is Easier

The good thing with software is that they have embedded intelligence and smarts. For example, calculating one’s carbon footprint would require a firm to acquire the knowledge needed to turn hydro and gas consumption into tons of carbon equivalent. People can learn this. But it is easier to simply be aware of the first principles and let the software do the work. What’s easier is simpler, see point one.


4. It enables Collaboration

Most software solutions support with multi-user and online sharing. While it enables practical use, it also enables collaboration such as co-owning KPIs and sharing important information quickly. Sharing across employees or between a firm and its customer is central to sustainability success. Often called transparency, it leads to better outcomes.


5. It shows you Care

There is a correlation between the use of software and the message it gives to both employees and customers. By using professionally designed solutions you are telling that you are not ready to deal with sustainability matter on the back of a napkin. It shows respect to the idea of a triple bottom of line, and investment in its first management principles. After all, studies show that very few people are ready to work for organizations that do not care.

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