Back to Carbon Negative!

Another Carbon Offset Certificate to keep us at Carbon Neutrality

Back to Carbon Negative!

Just a quick share of our latest Carbon Offset Investment to get us back to a Carbon Negative footprint.

So What Just Happened?: We use Carbon-And-More (obviously!) and the online real-time dashboard indicated that our Carbon Neutrality was at stake (meaning we were close to have crossed the line in term of carbon neutrality). Now we feel better, we have invested a few dollars in compensating for the problem. We indeed had to acquire some more carbon offsets. Granted, in the future, we are going to keep watching our carbon emissions as we always should!

Want to do the same: Here is a Directory for you:

Watching your carbon footprint on a dashboard is certainly a great way to remind our team that we should not take for granted that our low carbon emission effort necessarily leads to carbon neutrality. There are always those situations where the occasional travel or odd events where we cannot use carbon-free services. As such it does take carbon offset to rectify the situation. It also feels really good to be able to say that we overall contribute to the well-being of the planet (and its people!).

We certainly trust that our carbon calculator is a great approximation of our carbon footprint. By recording all business travels, use of suspect hydro and any activities that could lead to carbon generating situations, we simply get to our total carbon emission numbers very easily, no effort really. Then recording our carbon offsets does the rest: The result is a simple computer-powered subtraction of the 2 numbers (emissions and offsets) in real-time, for real-time staff sharing, real-time time client sharing, in full transparency.

Certainly we would love if all the Carbon-And-More users would achieve carbon neutrality, hence why we made it a primary custom KPI for us.

Have a Great Triple Bottom Line!



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