Carbon Footprint Calculator

Carbon Calculator

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Calculate your  emissions – for small and medium-sized businesses

Carbon-And-More offers a cool Carbon Footprint Calculator designed by experts for non-experts. Our Carbon Footprint Calculator has been created to help businesses manage and report their company’s carbon emissions.

The Carbon Footprint Calculator is focused on SMEs (Small and Medium Size Enterprises) and is featured with really cool functions:

  • It uses the GHG Protocol Guidance and makes it easy to calculate carbon emissions from fuel (cars and others), energy and any other sources.
  • It calculates automatically the Carbon Equivalent so that you do not have to enter it manually (though you can still choose to do that if you wish). This is achieved by a series of wizards to save you the cost of researching and computing all numbers.
  • Our solution saves all your records safely online so that you do not have to maintain and share tedious spreadsheets.
  • Also, the Carbon Footprint Calculator allows you to enter your Carbon Offsets, making it very easy to understand your actual Carbon Footprint, and if you are getting to being Carbon Neutral.
  • Last but not least, the Carbon Footprint Calculator auto-generates dashboard and shareable reports to make it easy for you to share your results with others.

Now SMEs may find that calculating their Carbon Footprint is very rewarding as a result. It creates awareness, cost savings and employee engagement. Releasing your result publicly drives your business forward as research shows that customers prefer to patron green businesses.

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