Clean energy : Key to an environment-friendly business

Clean and renewable energy

Clean energy : Key to an environment-friendly business

Renewable energy is an effective way to achieve a clean and profitable business.


What is clean energy and why should a business owner care?  Clean energy is renewable energy that comes from natural resources that replenish themselves and do not harm the environment. Sources include sunlight, wind, rain, waves and tides. These forces are used in wind power to run wind turbines, hydro power to generate energy, solar energy panels for electricity, biomass for biofuel and many others.

As a corporate business, you can replace conventional fuels with renewable energy in areas such as motor fuel, energy sources, electricity generation and heating. This is important because renewable clean energy does not exhaust its resources. As resources dwindle, demand goes up, as does price. Not to mention the side effects that exhausting a natural resource has on the environment. Clean energy has no negative impacts and is a sustainable choice that can be relied on, as long as the planet keeps turning.

Power generation via renewable means is measured at 21.7% of the world’s generation of electricity as of 2013. Countries all around the world have adopted clean energy.

Solar heating of water is even more widespread, at 70% of the world’s global heating total.

Transport fuels have adopted renewable biofuels at a rate of 5% of the world’s gasoline consumption.

As the world slowly adopts clean energy, we can reduce the harm we are doing to our natural resources. By adopting clean energy, your business can benefit from long-term savings, support from eco-friendly businesses and customers and you will not be exhausting the planet’s natural resources. By researching what alternative options you have for energy production, you can implement new practices in many aspects of your business. Analyze electricity, fuel, heating and energy production.

Photo by Johny Goerend on Unsplash

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