Engaging Employees Through a CSR Culture

Engaged employees give great returns.

Engaging Employees Through a CSR Culture

Creating a corporate social responsibility culture within your organization offers some pretty important benefits.

These benefits include helping you to create greater brand recognition and a positive reputation within the local community. However, you should also be engaging employees through a CSR culture. This creates a win-win-win for everyone involved, including your organization, your employees and your community. How does it work?

If you think that CSR is geared solely to benefit your immediate community, you might be surprised to learn that this culture can actually have some significant benefits for your employees. For instance, employees within a business that practices good CSR are much more loyal and experience significantly higher job satisfaction. That means two things. First, your employees will remain with your business for longer periods, reducing turnover and the costs involved with training. Second, they are more productive, allowing them to do more with less time.

There are other benefits of engaging employees through a CSR culture, as well. For instance, your customer service improves, and many companies actually experience a dramatic reduction in workplace accidents. Customer loyalty is higher, of course, but that also translates to tangential benefits for your employees, as it allows them to “put names to faces” and create long-term relationships with your customers.

The Society for Human Resources Management discovered that strong sustainability programs in companies create 55% higher morale within employees, and increase business efficiency by up to 43%. Those are impressive numbers and they illustrate just how important it is to engage your employees.

However, it goes beyond just initiating CSR projects and programs. Employees must be educated, informed and involved in order to be engaged. Doing this also elevates your CSR mission to a central part of company operations, rather than “just something else we’re doing”.

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