How Reducing Waste Can Benefit Businesses

Reducing waste and recycling are key sustainability topics.

How Reducing Waste Can Benefit Businesses

Companies can profit in many ways, but it is imperative to understand the multiple benefits of waste reduction within businesses.

More and more companies are discovering that by reducing the amount of waste they produce, they can greatly reduce spending and improve productivity. When you also consider the boost to brand image doing this can create it is obviously the trifecta that can propel a brand to the edge of imagination in a sustainable way, market sustainability.

Times change culturally, environmentally, and economically; there are an ebb and flow, ups and downs, to the passage of time in our fragile world. Being completely dependent on any one thing is a weakness in an ever-changing environment, and this lies at the root of the concept of the triple bottom line.

Reducing waste at all levels of a business’ operation is a way of streamlining, removing the unnecessary, and this more streamlined model is better braced for changes that might affect its usual operations. By the same token, investing in building strong relationships with customers and community, and taking any additional steps feasible to reduce its environmental impact, a company can also give itself a stronger safety net to fall into in times of hardship, economic or otherwise. And as I mentioned before, the actions taken to achieve the first serve as a big step toward accomplishing the second.

Doing things like taking steps to reduce paper waste and reduce energy use by installing more efficient equipment, a company can set itself apart from the pack and start establishing the brand as one that takes great care in maintaining responsible practices and working proactively towards the sustained success of the communities where it does business.

And does word of mouth spread fast these days. A company’s good deeds can be popping up on Twitter and Facebook accounts all over the world in a few days or even a few minutes. For the companies that are particularly disrespectful of their customers and their customer’s communities this is a harsh and sudden reality (the recent controversy over a major airline’s treatment of luggage springs to mind after millions of youtube viewers “liked” a song written by a disgruntled group of passengers who happened to be musicians that found their gear mangled upon arriving in the city where they were set to play.) But for the conscientious corporation responsibility, a few steps toward a greener future can bring fast and impressive feedback from the global community, as well as the local.

Thinking about a triple bottom line and assuming that corporations should be held responsible for their actions may be spun by some as a class warfare tactic or a fad, if not a complete departure from rationality, but it is actually a concept that is as old as business itself. Do good business and your business does well, deal dirty and, well……

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