Measuring Pandemic Effort with Custom Metrics


Measuring Pandemic Effort with Custom Metrics

Track Corporate Social Responsibility through the Pandemic


There is no question that we are all in this together. People, Government, Charities and the Private sector all need to contribute to addressing and solving that very impactful COVID-19 virus.

One of the many questions is how businesses, small or large, can show leadership during such a crisis?

There are many answers to what needs to be done, and how it can be done. Each organization, from a simple restaurant to a mega-large corporation, can find ways to contribute. Like everything, it takes objectives and a way to track those objectives to achieve them.

Using Carbon and More, firms can use the “custom metrics” to share those objectives and team challenges to engage employees. Making masks, keeping staff working from home, donating funds or time to research, keeping essential services running are among the hundreds of things businesses could be doing to help.

So here is the challenge: Decide on your metrics, share them on your CarbonAndMore report and share them with the tag #Together #WeCanBeatCovid19

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