New Feature: Share Your CSR Performance with the World!

Dashboards for better sharing

New Feature: Share Your CSR Performance with the World!

Share Your CSR Report With The World

Now the Carbon-And-More SMB and Enterprise Editions offer a public dashboard capability that allows subscribers to publish their CSR performance to the world. Just share a URL or place a Widget on your website and your voluntary CSR report is now live!

With this new capability, firms can now increase their CSR transparency and continue to attract the best associates as well as increase customer loyalty.

The dashboard is configurable and may be published as part of a URL or by including the link through a frame on your website.

Firms may choose to include any of the key sustainability metrics we offer out-of-the-box as well as the custom ones they choose to use. So the report could include:

  • Carbon Emissions, Carbon Offsets, and calculated carbon footprint as a result of the records your team logs into Carbon-And-More.
  • Volunteer Work hours computed by adding up all work recorded by your team.
  • Donations and philanthropic activities, all summarized in term of value.
  • Paper recycling success.
  • Water usage.
  • and again any individual metric your organization chooses to track and make part of its CSR Report.

You may decide to report on the past year, 3 years or 5 years.

Why share your report?

  • Communicate with your customers and demonstrate your commitment to a Triple Bottom Line and sustainable practices,
  • Engage with your employees and drive best practices to boost your company performance and sustainability,
  • Get Social Media and Web Traffic.

The report updates every 24 hours.

Oh yes, here is our live report for those who are looking for an example, you can see the various elements discussed above configured to our own needs:


or browse: Our report URL

We wish you all the best of Triple Bottom Line Performance.

The Carbon-And-More Team

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

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