Modern organizations manage a triple bottom line

Organizations must be financially viable. Some organizations (for profit) are designed to make money, some others (government, charities …) must be ran efficiently and deliver on their mission. At the same time, all enterprises must be respectful of nature.

Sometimes known as green management or environmentally friendly, organizations must look at having as little impact as possible on the environment as really necessary. Last, organizations should be contributing to the well-being of the community it operates in, including its employees, partners, suppliers, clients, and others.

Carbon and more focuses on helping organizations manage their triple bottom lines by proving them technology to make it easier.

Why a solution for CSR management:

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a major theme of the modern world:

In the recent years, the world has created a strain on its natural resources.  Many researches point out that human activities are impacting severely the natural environment. As an example, excessive carbon generation is identified as the key contributor to global warming. Sustainable management is therefore paramount for all organizations, small or large. By pro-actively managing their environmental impact with tool support, organizations have a better chance to make the necessary optimizations.

Your clients want you to be truly respectful of the environment and their community. Brands and organizations that are “green-washing” or ignorant of triple bottom line principles will be outperformed by others. A tool will help report the triple line performance as well as possibly meet regulatory requirements.

The concept of the triple bottom line is partly advanced through better awareness. A tool where each associate can visualize the concept helps.

Why choose our solution:

We are designing our solution with the only one goal in mind: Have your organization deliver a great Triple Bottom Line. It includes becoming great at Corporate Social Responsibility, Green management and business management.

We deliver a solution based on cloud computing that are mostly powered through clean energy, making our solution as carbon neutral as possible. We are listening to our clients. We do not pretend to have the most exhaustive solution, but we have the most appetite to work with our clients to help them.

Sustainability Metrics
Corporate Social Responsibility
What Is CSR Transparency?

You hear terms like transparency bandied around all the time, but what does it really mean, particularly when coupled with corporate social responsibility? Really, it means a lack of greenwashing, a term playing on the concept of whitewashing, but with false environmental and social responsibility programs. For example, Exxon Mobile does a lot of promotion in terms of its environmental and social responsibility programs, but the company was red-carded by Corporate Responsibility Magazine for contaminating groundwater (which automatically disqualified Exxon from the 100 Best Corporate Citizens list for three years).

What is CSR transparency? Really, it boils down to something that’s been absent too long from international boardrooms – honesty and integrity. It means doing more than talking the talk. Companies must walk the walk, as well. CSR transparency is nothing more or less than doing the right thing when it comes to protecting the environment and giving back to the community.

Of course, there’s more to it than just going out and following through on promises. While big businesses garner headlines almost without effort, smaller companies have to do more to communicate their efforts. There are many different ways this can be done, particularly with the boom of social media. Your company’s Facebook page is a prime place to share information about your environmental or social responsibility programs. A single post about your food or clothing drive could not only bring in additional supporters, but show followers that you’re involved and that you care.

Finally, it means owning up when something untoward or negative happens. It means not trying to distract consumers from an environmental problem your business caused or added to by trumpeting your other good deeds.

In the end, CSR transparency is all about being upfront, honest and direct, all qualities that consumers value in the companies they patronize.

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