Take Care of Business, and More With Custom Metrics


Take Care of Business, and More With Custom Metrics

“If you are not keeping score, you are just practicing”

Carbon-And-More announces a new release featuring custom metrics. Now organizations subscribing to the SMB or Enterprise editions can set and share additional metrics as they see fit.

Custom metrics are completely configurable, hence an organization can now augment the out-of-the-box metrics with their own ideas or targets.  They can:

  • Help a firm consider its unique approach to managing a triple bottom line.
  • Help focus or measure the special projects a firm could have to deliver on social, environmental or business objectives.

Not sure what you could track? Well, an example would be a firm organizing a food collection and trying to track its progress. Another example could be a firm whose set itself a goal of planting trees and wanting to share its progress. One of our goals at Carbon-And-More is to have as many subscribers as possible reach carbon neutrality. That is what we will report from now, in addition to the traditional metrics. You can check our live report here.

The feature is designed such that you may choose to share those custom metrics internally and/or your online dashboard (up to you). As such, each metric you define can be included or excluded from each report in case you want to keep some of them private. Either way, custom metrics is a great way to further engage your employees in achieving what’s right and for your clients to see how you are progressing toward your goals, being business or others.

You can share your custom metrics internally and/or with the world.

Want to share ideas for new metrics?

Also, if you want to share ideas with others on this page, share them with us first and we’ll reshare them on this page with references to your company or anonymously, as you wish. Just contact us.

Wishing You All the Best Of Sustainable Success.

The Carbon-And-More Team



We recognize that metrics, KPIs and KRAs have typically different meaning. While this important for a firm to delineate between indicators of upcoming performance and actual results, in this article and further references we will loosely use the term “KPIs” or metrics to refer to something a firm has interest in measuring.


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