The Modern Business Environment

Modern business environment requires a triple bottom line approach.

The Modern Business Environment

Time to get into the 21st century.

We stand at the edge of an unparalleled change in human history, and corporations that are getting proactive in the process and finding ways to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and reduce the amount of waste they produce will be able to navigate the coming changes with greater ease than those who have remained unyielding and unchanging in their practices.

When I talk about coming changes it’s probably that you conclude from the tone that I speak about the changing environment, and while that is true, it is probably not entirely the environment you suspected. It is a change in the social and cultural environment fueled by the rise of social media on the internet and the way it is affecting the modern business environment.

Corporate responsibility is no longer the highly debatable abstraction it once was. With the interconnectedness of people in the modern world, it is nearly impossible to hide anything for too long, or even to successfully spin something. Any corporate action, whether it is of benefit to the communities it affects or detrimental, or has the potential to be either is immediately revealed and discussed by an ever watchful online community.

This, in a way, is serving to force old-fashioned small business sensibilities into the practices of even the most reluctant corporate entities.

As the planet changes so does society, and corporations are no longer as reluctant as they once were to veer away from the well-beaten path to try something new, maybe even a little greener. It could be argued, and probably with all justifiability, that this is largely in part due to the fact that younger generations are taking the reins of power, generations that have at least in part been steeped in the flood of information that is the digital age. To sum up a very complex phenomenon as simply as possible: their perspective is in some ways broader, shaped by the ideas of the entire world.

The realization that corporations are a part of the community and environment where they operate and have very real responsibilities to them is one that is spreading rapidly, has in fact all but taken over. And with this realization of the almost palpable reality of the triple bottom line has come an awakened sense of connectedness to the world outside of the office among the corporate community.

It is not a fringe ideal anymore, that corporations should be held responsible for their actions, it is the reality of the modern business environment.

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