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Volunteering – Thoughts

You Should Be Supporting Employee Volunteering


How is your business practicing social responsibility? Are you investing in your community? Are you giving back through philanthropic efforts? Are you supporting local charities with monetary donations? While those are all excellent options, you should also be supporting employee volunteering. Not sure what this is or how it works? Don’t worry; it’s simple.

Employee volunteering is nothing more than your employees performing work within the wider community with some form of encouragement from you, their employer. That’s it.

How do you start supporting employee volunteering? There are plenty of ways to help encourage your employees to get out there and donate their time and effort to worthy causes that support your local area. Many of them are probably already doing it on their own time. By identifying and encouraging these employee-led activities, you show that you’re a supportive and socially responsible business owner.

You can also engage in what’s called, “corporate volunteering”. In this example, the company determines what projects or initiatives will be supported by the business, and volunteering takes place during work hours. You, the business owner, organize the volunteering and generally fund your employees’ efforts as well.

Why does it matter? There are plenty of reasons it should matter to your organization. First and foremost, it provides essential assistance and aid to your local area. Second, it shows good social responsibility and builds your reputation. Third, it builds both customer and employee loyalty, and can be an important tool for enhancing teamwork within your organization while fostering better employee satisfaction as well. Finally, it also gives you a much better understanding of and appreciation for the challenges facing residents in the immediate area.

Almost any type of volunteering can be supported by businesses – are you doing your part to make the world a better place?


Photo by Anna Earl on Unsplash

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