What is corporate social responsibility?

CSR explained

What is corporate social responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility, also known as CSR, helps to reduce pollution and carbon emission.


What is corporate social responsibility? Sometimes referred to as CSR, this concept has to with the idea that corporations should operate under social and moral guidelines beyond what is required by law.  This would mean that, for example, a corporation might take steps to be “green” or to create a work environment which encourages charity or team building amongst employees.  These are things that are certainly not required, but which may benefit the corporation, as well as the culture surrounding it.  There are some people who feel that businesses should only do that which is required of them by law, and that doing anything more will result in profit loss.  However, this may not be true.  A more positive public image, happier employees and a more sustainable business approach may all be a result of a business taking social responsibility.

In regard to the environment, in particular, there are many who feel that corporations and smaller businesses owe it to the rest of the world to try and be as socially responsible as possible.  If it cuts into a business’ bottom line, for example to use recycled paper, then it is still that business’ responsibility to do so in order to be environmentally and socially conscious.  Again, this may cut into the company’s profits on paper, but create better sales or more content workers.  Therefore, it may actually increase productivity, customer loyalty and more.

The simplest way for a business to start to consider its social responsibilities is to take a look at its carbon footprint.  The carbon footprint is how much carbon a business is responsible for emitting into the atmosphere.  This does not just apply to directly emitted carbon.  It can also be carbon emitted by shareholders, business partners and more.  If you are working to lessen your carbon footprint, but are working with a business that is deforesting rainforests worldwide, then you aren’t really doing such a great thing, are you?  This can become complicated and may not be something that every average business owner has the time or knowledge to do. There are software programs as well as consultants who can help with this process.

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