Why should water sustainability be important to business owners?

Clean Water sustainability

Why should water sustainability be important to business owners?

Business owners should be aware of how much water they are using in order to limit the impact on the environment.


Many Americans and citizens of other “first world” countries take clean water for granted.  However, water is a precious resource and needs to be sustained and conserved.  We are currently moving toward a water crisis as climate patterns threaten bodies of water, and pollution taints the available water sources we have. With just under one billion people on the planet not having access to clean drinking water, and 80 countries having water shortages which threaten economic activity and human health, this is an important issue for all people and corporations to consider.

Because of this, business owners must be aware of how much water that they are using, how often and for what purposes.  They must think about their impact on water scarcity and be aware of their water sources.  It is also very important that business owners work to prevent water pollution.

Some business activities cause more pollution than others. Industrial agriculture, for example, is one of the leading causes of river and stream pollution, causing 48% of the damage. Additionally, it causes 41% of lake water pollution. Unfortunately, this damage sickens and kills animals and people.

Common pollutants include nutrients including phosphorus and nitrogen, ammonia and nitrates, pathogens, microorganisms, antibiotics, hormones, heavy metals, salts, organic matter and other solids.

In order to improve the global water situation, each business must reduce their water usage to absolute necessity, analyze their impact on pollution and participate in water recycling initiatives. Every business has their water usage and can consult services to examine their own usage and draft a sustainability plan.

Through choosing a more sustainable plan, companies can save money in the long run, become more eco-friendly and help the planet to supply clean drinking water to all countries and people.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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