Why tracking carbon footprint is a must

Carbon footprint tracking

Why tracking carbon footprint is a must

Measuring the carbon footprint of your business and accounting for its carbon emission is essential to clean and sustainable practices.


What is a carbon footprint?  In short, it is the amount of Green House Gases (GHGs) or CO2 that your business is responsible for emitting into the atmosphere.  It can be extremely difficult to measure this and requires a certain amount of skill and understanding of environmental science.  There are also issues with some larger corporations falsifying data that makes it look as though they are more eco-friendly than they actually may be.  As a business owner, you should consider your own carbon footprint and be aware of what you are doing to either help or hurt the environment.

How can you measure your carbon footprint?  This is not a simple process.  You will not just sit down one day and measure it.  It is an undertaking that your business and employees will need to take seriously. Carbon accounting is the process by which a business measures its carbon footprint and requires due diligence.  It is often recommended to hire a consultant or at least purchase software to assist with the calculation.  It is not something that the average person can necessarily handle without assistance.

What are factors contributing to your carbon footprint?  You may think you are doing pretty well because you have a recycling bin in the office, or because you use e-mail or electronic communication as much as possible.  You are, without a doubt, doing some good.  However, you may not be considering many other factors such as shipping, freight, energy usage and more.  You may not be totally aware of land clearing practices or other issues related to the products you use, sell or even manufacture.  This type of understanding requires delving deeply into your business, as well as taking a look at your business partners, shareholders and clients.  As a result, you can ensure your business is practicing sustainable carbon policies.

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